My History

I was born in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico and lived in the city of Chihuahua since I was 5 years old. At that age my father enrolled me in the city gym and I began training in Olympic gymnastics. I was part of the Chihuahua State Gymnastics Team and I also participated in other sports such as swimming, tennis, racketball and volleyball. My other activities always included dance and music. I participated in various dance schools: Jazz, Mexican Folkloric and Hip-Hop, among others.

In 1985 I began to take aerobic classes. I always felt good to exercise to the beat of music. That same year I traveled to Los Angeles, CA to learn English for 6 months. I was staying at an aunt’s house and worked in a gym in Hollywood. She invited me to her gym where I learned more about aerobics and also took a course for certification as an aerobics instructor. The teacher that taught that class gave me my first opportunity as an instructor in that gym. It was a great time for me! I had to return to Mexico to finish my university studies. Back in Chihuahua, I taught aerobics in the best local gyms. At the same time I was working as a model and had a TV show where I also taught aerobics to all the viewers.

My Journey

To obtain my certificate as a personal trainer, I prepared and trained very hard. I consider myself a very active and creative person. I’m always looking for new ways to improve in everything I do. In 1987 I won the Aerobics Marathon in which over 150 people participated. This was a great personal accomplishment, I knew that all my efforts, discipline and training had paid off.

Another personal achievment was obtaining my bachelor’s degree in tourism and presenting my professional exam. Although my heart had always been in physical fitness, I tried to combine both careers. I worked for the Chihuahua International Airport as head of Public Relations and afterwards as the Promotions Director for an important chain of hotels in Chihuahua. This also gave me the opportunity to continue preparing myself as a fitness trainer. Every 6 months I traveled to Los Angeles to take different master classes in aerobics, jazz and dance to prepare myself and be updated with the latest exercise trends.